Sippin’ on Wine & Juice

This is the equation: Pressed Juicery juice + WINE = best idea ever.

Claire and I decided we should take something really healthy and add booze to it. That’s just what one should do.

Head on over to The Chalkboard Mag to see our juice & wine combos that’ll make your next party a little more virtuous…or your next cleanse a little more buzzed.

All photos by Claire Thomas

BHMF & The Chalkboard Mag

I’d like to introduce you to The Chalkboard Mag.

The ladies of Pressed Juicery, along with fabulous to the Nth degree editor Kate Mulling, just launched a new lifestyle site focusing on wellness and living right. The ladies asked me to contribute from time to time and I kicked things off with a Natural Wine 101 situation.

And there’s a lot more where that came from! So, stay tuned for more articles from little old me and tons of REALLY exciting contributors in the weeks and months to come on The Chalkboard.