Summer Spritzer in Chicago with We Do & Bottle Stock

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A few weeks ago, I co-hosted a fun little party in Chicago appropriately named Summer Spritzer. Because, you know, it’s summer and we served WINE SPRITZERS. My bestie Dean is a super talented designer, stylist and wedding/events producer and she, along with Hidden Folk‘s Viktor Van Bramer, are soon to launch an amazing one stop shop wedding services company called We Do. I was in town and the three of us figured we should throw a party to celebrate, drink wine, eat fried chicken and meet new friends while hanging on an amazing Chicago rooftop deck. That’s just how we think.

Wonderful Wine Co. at Summer Spritzer

Wine Spritzer

We had some amazing sponsors, one being my homies over at Club W. They sent us some crisp, clean and fresh rosé  and riesling to work with for our spritzers. For the riesling, I served that with a splash of Orangina, orange bitters, lime and basil. The rosé got some lemon, soda and sliced strawberries. Super simple and so refreshing. PS- when making spritzers I like to stick with a 3:1 ratio of wine to soda. But, basically, just have fun with it. It’s hard to mess them up.

If you’re ever throwing a party and stumped with what food to serve, we have two words for you – fried chicken. Well, four words if you include donut holes, ’cause why not throw that into the mix while you’re at it. Zero fuss, 100% delicious and total crowd pleasers. Take your diet elsewhere thank you.

Fried chicken and donut holes

Q & É: Yes Way Rosé

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Nikki and Erica of Yes Way Rose

When I first discovered Erica and Nikki of  Yes Way Rosé  I felt like I’d met my soul sisters, my kindred spirits…my  wine wives. Their approach to wine and life is very much like mine – they have a sense of humor and an obsession with rosé, eating, fashion and puns. They seem like the friends you want to drink multiple bottles of wine with and then do just about anything. They live in New York, are best friends, and have pretty amazing day jobs. But their very clever why-didn’t-I-think-of-that “yes way rosé” meme turned into, like, a whole thing. So, they got an Instagram account (and a following), and started making apparel and accessories. I fully believe that, fortified by the power of rosé, they can do anything. 


Knowing that palates evolve, what did you drink when you were younger (ahem, Strawberry Hill) that you are super embarrassed about?
E: The first summer I started to drink I was a camp counselor and we all drank Icehouse beer on tap and Kamikaze shots. I’m not quite sure how I did it now, but at the time I definitely thought it was the best thing ever.
N: I’ve never been a beer drinker, so when I was in high school I went for anything that tasted sweet, like wine coolers or Zima. Not that I didn’t drink a 40 or two in my time (peer pressure!).
When you’re NOT drinking rosé, what do you drink?
E: My non-alcoholic beverage of choice is the jasmine iced tea from Saltie in Williamsburg. On the list of favorite beverages it’s the first after rosé. I also like a variety of red wine in the winter, Templeton Rye whiskey, and l love a good beer. I want to learn a bit more about tequila, so that’s something to explore more in the future. 
N: I like to keep it pretty simple, it’s rosé or whiskey on the rocks (usually Jameson). Unfortunately, not every dive bar in NYC has rosé so you need a solid back up. I also like mojitos and fun cocktails on a super hot day or when i’m on vacation.
lobster rolls and rose
Your favorite spot in NYC to go for drinks and eats? Like, where everybody knows your name and it feels like home away from home.
E & N: Walter Foods in Willamsburg. They make an amazing Caesar salad, which is not something you even think about until you try it and are like, this is the best Caesar salad. They also serve food late and have a great rosé by the glass (Gueissard, Provence).

Illustrated: A Sunday Picnic

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With a new look and a new site comes more new things! Every month the fabulous Elaine Brown, a philosopher turned illustrator, writer and wine explorer will be drawing whatever her heart desires and sharing it with us. She’s putting color and words to paper to illustrate a moment, a wine, a pairing, a feeling – pretty much anything that is inspiring her in the moment. With sunny days and warm summer nights basically demanding that you get your ass outside and soak it all up, I can see why a Sunday picnic is taking up a lot of Elaine’s brain space. It’s taking up a lot of mine too, girl.


But seriously though, there really are few things in life better than snacks, a chilled bottle of rosé  and nowhere else to be. Speaking of the pink stuff, may I remind you of a favorite of mine this summer? Too bad, I think I just did. And in my spare time, you might also find me drinking any one of these with great flair and speed.

Moral of the (illustrated) story: treat yourself. Go on an adventure and get lost. You deserve it! But bring snacks and wine, for what would life’s moments be without such necessities. It would be pointless! I’m only sort of kidding.

Illustration by Elaine Brown

The Aperol Brunch Society

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I have a friend, Nathan. He is a genius with cocktails, has a super impressive beard, and always knows how to throw a good party. Well, the fine people over at Aperol decided to make him one of their Chief Brunch Officers for the summer. Yes, that is a real thing and I think it might be the best job EVER. Each weekend he and Aperol host a brunch on Saturday AND Sunday at a different restaurant in Los Angeles. The star of the show? The Aperol Spritz, perhaps one of my favorite beverages.

The perfect Aperol Spritz

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of these boozy brunches! The location was Venice’s Scopa Italian Roots. Quite fitting. Upon sitting, I was promptly given a Spritz, bright orange straw and all. Then we got to the food. I ordered a perfectly brunch-appropriate frittata and we all shared the squid ink calamari, which was delicious. For whatever reason, one of my favorite snacks while at a bar or for appetizers over the years has become fried calamari with lemon and…an Aperol Spritz. So there ya go! And here we are.

The squid ink fried calamari at Scopa Italian Roots in Venice

Frittat with arugula and parmesan at Scopa Italian Roots

The official Aperol Spritz recipe is super simple and you can remember it by saying 3-2-1. Three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol, one part club soda. Garnish with an orange slice over ice and your golden. Er, orange and sparkly.

Cheers with Aperol Spritz at Aperol Brunch Society

I love this picture so much.