Whitney Wine Crawl

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I’m so excited to be hosting the very first Whitney Wine Crawl and we’re hitting up some of my favorite wine spots in LA. We’ll start at Domaine LA for a bubbly flight and then head to Bar Bandini for a glass of something great. We’ll end the night with more wine (duh) and dinner at Button Mash. All wines will be selected by me – my way of sharing what I love and hopefully exposing you to some new wine territory. And I’ll be crawling with you, explaining what we’re drinking, giving you spontaneous wine quizzes (with prizes!), and hanging out!

More details and tickets here.

Mardi Gras & How to Make a Hurricane

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Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I’m not the only one wishing I could somehow transport myself magically to the center of the French Quarter right now, right? Well, I guess I’ll make do with Los Angeles (I can’t really complain!) and a fresh batch of hurricanes. And maybe I’ll throw beads at random passerbys to get in the mood. Maybe not.

The hurricane has gotten a bad rap and it needs a brand makeover. All of those frozen, neon red monstrosities you see in giant go cups around the Nola are in fact not the original hurricane. Really it’s just a super simple three-ingredient drink that’s light and tangy. Give it a try! It’s great to batch out and serve at parties. I’ll definitely be drinking this from now ’til…next Mardi Gras.

Hurricane recipe:

Makes 1 drink
2 oz rum (light or dark is fine, I prefer light)
1 oz lime (lemon is in the OG recipe, but I prefer lime)
1 oz passion fruit syrup (homemade, or purchased here or here)
Add ingredients plus crushed to shaker and pour in a glass.

Gamay & Pork: A Love Affair | Spoonful Magazine

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A great new food magazine is on the scene and it’s called Spoonful. And I will be writing a monthly wine column for them! My first piece is all about Gamay and it’s compatibility with the other white meat, pork. But really, Gamay could have a gastronomic love affair with just about anything.


It’s the little ruby colored secret a lot of us winos try to keep for ourselves, like that amazing indie band everyone in the music biz raves about but doesn’t want to get to popular and big and change.


Read the full post to see five of my favorite and affordable bottles and why Gamay is so versatile (and the perfect counterpoint to savory situations). Cheers!

Deckman’s, Valle de Guadalupe

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Our last trip up was a quick one – in for a day (to go to the Finca la Divina opening) and one evening. Luckily, our AirBnb just so happened to be down the road from the one restaurant we really wanted to check out and missed on the previous visit – Deckman’s.


Deckman’s en el Mogor, officially, sits on the Mogor Ranch which also houses Mogor Badan winery. Win win. The restaurant itself is entirely outdoors, save the wooden patio structure filled with hay. It is charming on just so many levels, including but not limited to the trio of giant fluffy white dogs. The main event however is the open kitchen and grill. We grabbed the two bar stools by the oven, which I dubbed the chef’s table. I mean, seriously, we had the best seats in the house. AND we were warm from the oven. We win.


We read the handwritten menu and got to ordering! First things first, wine. Obviously. We chose a bottle of the house Mogor Badan Syrah. It was one of the most well-balanced wines I’ve had during my time in the Valle! Then we settled in for the night. Two of my favorites were the chorizo and risotto. So simple and fresh.




Fun story: When I asked where the restroom was, a gentleman grabbed a flashlight and told me to follow him. Adventures! Even to pee. It’s just my kind of place.

Also – sleepy puppies.


Can’t wait to return.