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Nikki and Erica of Yes Way Rose

When I first discovered Erica and Nikki of  Yes Way Rosé  I felt like I’d met my soul sisters, my kindred spirits…my  wine wives. Their approach to wine and life is very much like mine – they have a sense of humor and an obsession with rosé, eating, fashion and puns. They seem like the friends you want to drink multiple bottles of wine with and then do just about anything. They live in New York, are best friends, and have pretty amazing day jobs. But their very clever why-didn’t-I-think-of-that “yes way rosé” meme turned into, like, a whole thing. So, they got an Instagram account (and a following), and started making apparel and accessories. I fully believe that, fortified by the power of rosé, they can do anything. 


Knowing that palates evolve, what did you drink when you were younger (ahem, Strawberry Hill) that you are super embarrassed about?
E: The first summer I started to drink I was a camp counselor and we all drank Icehouse beer on tap and Kamikaze shots. I’m not quite sure how I did it now, but at the time I definitely thought it was the best thing ever.
N: I’ve never been a beer drinker, so when I was in high school I went for anything that tasted sweet, like wine coolers or Zima. Not that I didn’t drink a 40 or two in my time (peer pressure!).
When you’re NOT drinking rosé, what do you drink?
E: My non-alcoholic beverage of choice is the jasmine iced tea from Saltie in Williamsburg. On the list of favorite beverages it’s the first after rosé. I also like a variety of red wine in the winter, Templeton Rye whiskey, and l love a good beer. I want to learn a bit more about tequila, so that’s something to explore more in the future. 
N: I like to keep it pretty simple, it’s rosé or whiskey on the rocks (usually Jameson). Unfortunately, not every dive bar in NYC has rosé so you need a solid back up. I also like mojitos and fun cocktails on a super hot day or when i’m on vacation.
lobster rolls and rose
Your favorite spot in NYC to go for drinks and eats? Like, where everybody knows your name and it feels like home away from home.
E & N: Walter Foods in Willamsburg. They make an amazing Caesar salad, which is not something you even think about until you try it and are like, this is the best Caesar salad. They also serve food late and have a great rosé by the glass (Gueissard, Provence).

What are your go-to host/ess gifts?
E & N: A bottle of nice rosé is never unappreciated and gifting it in a Yes Way toté adds a nice touch. You can also never go wrong with flowers, a plant or any kind of book you think the host/ess will enjoy.
If you could only drink one rosé for the rest of days, which one would be in your glass?
E: I prefer not to imagine such a place, but I’ll go with a Domaine Tempier Bandol. Just thinking about the bottle transports me to a happy place.  
N: That is like asking a mother to choose a favorite child, I really just can’t. Next question please! 
rose in a chair 
Favorite Instagrammers, designers, creatives, or tastemakers you follow and that inspire you (or crack you up)?
E & N: On Instagram we love The Fat Jewish and Toast the Dog for laughs, for food and beverage we like Bon Appetit, Punch, and the account for the restaurant Dimes. The skate brand Bianca Chandon uses incredible pics of one of our favorite models (and rosé-makers!) Michele Ouellet.
Your guilty pleasure? Other than rosé, because that is a necessity in life.
E: Talenti gelato and stilton cheese.  
N: Pizza and candy corn (in season).
yes way rose tote
If you’d like to win all the goodies in the photo above, selected by the Yes Way Rosé ladies and provided by Club W, tag your pink wine photos on Instagram with#rosévibes (until July 30th). Three winners will be chosen. And do I spy a Bottle Stock corkscrew amongst the sand? Yes indeed!
All photos courtesy of Yes Way Rosé 

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