Wine Tattoos

Wine tattoos. Hollerrrr! It’s a thing wine people get. Our love of all things vinous must somehow find its way to our skin. Permanently. Serious Eats posted a slideshow last month of various wine and beverage related tattoos and mine even made an appearance! One tattoo that was sadly missing is one of my personal favorites. The one on Matthew Kaner‘s arm.

Matthew is the Beverage Director of Bar Covell and L & E Oyster Bar here in Los Angeles and he’s one swell dude. I wanted to give his ink a little love! Here are the deets on the when, where and what of his tat.

When & Where: November 2010, Dark Horse Tattoo next door to Covell (performed by Adam)

What: My tattoo is the outline of a wine bottle.  And not just any wine bottle.  Specifically it’s the “Reynard” bottling of Cornas by Thierry Allemand.  Northern Rhone valley Syrah was my first love in the wine world when I started working at the Wine Cask Wine Store in Santa Barbara back in early 2005.  The first vintage of my wine label AM/FM was Syrah, trying to pay as much homage to Syrah as possible.  When I hear wine buyers say they have a hard time selling Syrah it makes me sad and a wee bit angry.  Their loss.

Photo by Maxwell Orgell

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