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Here’s what I’ve been knocking back in the past week! Some Hungarian bubbles by way of Törley Gála at new resto Red Hill. Get into it.

Of the non-alc variety: a strawberry elderflower agua fresca at neighborhood favorite Forage. Yeah, that food wasn’t too shabby either. Pro tip- drink 1/2 of the agua fresca and refill with Pelligrino. You’re welcome.

Dug into some French vin while at Night + Market. I don’t remember what left these little snacks in the glass, could have been the Descombes 2010 Morgon I brought or the Domaine des Sablonnettes Le Bon Petit Diable Kris shared with us. Both most excellent.

“Visited” my old friend Bruno late Monday night with a glass of his 2004 Antece at Terroni. Fiano like you’ve never had it before. Have always loved this wine. Miss you boss!

I’m thirsty now.

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