Wine Wear Daily: TOMS & Lemasson

We’ve got wine and fashion. Getting dressed and drinking wine. Two things one MUST do.

This post could also double as a Label Love post since I am OBSESSED with these labels. And the wine, of course – three of the 2010 red offerings from Olivier Lemasson of Les Vins Contes. It’s a Loire Valley gamay, pineau d’aunis, côt, grolleau lovefest! All of these wines are incredibly drinkable, aromatic, fresh and great with a little bit of a chill. Not to be taken too seriously, but seriously good wines nonetheless.

I imagine myself drinking any one of these in a chambray artist’s smock and these corduroys with a hunk of baguette and some fresh cheese nearby. Maybe there’s an easel in front of me and the Eiffel Tower nearby? OK- I don’t know about that, but these shoes would be on my feet.

You know what else this post can double triple as?? A how-to/DIY post, that’s what. My pal Harpal came to dance class the other week with his TOMS splattered with paint. What started out as an accident while doing some crafting turned into a brand new pair of shoes. Since I had an old pair of navy blue TOMS sitting in my closet not getting much action, I decided to totally copy Harpal and get a little Jackson Pollack with them. Et Voila!

And, as always, last but never least…the beauty shot. Gotta love a good foil!

All wines available at Domaine LA

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  • Nastassia (Let Me Eat Cake)
    October 13, 2011

    oh man i have an old pair of Toms that need a little love! AND i need to make a stop by Domaine to try out these wines!

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