Wine Wear Daily: 5th edition

WWD is back people! This 5th edition brings you 3 new wines from the cellar that I am thoroughly enjoying and their fashion-ized selves. This time I am looking to Garance Doré and her fantastic photos and illustrations of the uber stylish to pair with the wines.


2010 Donkey and Goat “Isabel’s cuvee” grenache rosé. Summer in a glass and a little rough ’round the edges.

The 2010 rosés are beginning to arrive! Well- the domestic ones anyway. This gem is unfiltered and has quite a bit of sediment hanging out at the bottom of the bottle. But it’s delicious. Grab the cowboy boots you got at a Goodwill in Marfa, TX, your straight out of bed hair and a glass. To chug this stuff while you eat pulled pork BBQ and slaw.


2009 Louis Chenu Bourgogne. Strikingly feminine and classic with a hint of Scottish countryside meets quiet old library.

It’s a slightly overcast day. Tuck your trench under your arm and head to your favorite little brasserie. Get lost in an old romance novel, drink this Bourgogne, people watch and delicately devour a plate of duck confit and some herbed frites.


2006 Jo Pithon Coteaux du Layon “Les 4 Villages” chenin de botrytis. A floral sweetness and richness without cloying the senses. Beautiful balance- soft and edgy.

Dinner date out somewhere fancy with fine china and white linens. Slip into your brand new pink satin pencil skirt and your grandma’s old fur hat. Save room for dessert- a mini tulip glass of this wine, chilled to perfection and bites of little kumquat chamomile shortbread cookies. (I just made that up and I would like someone to create that recipe for me. Thank you.)


And, as always, the beauty shot. A group pose.

All of these wines available at Domaine LA. Except for the Jo Pithon….I got the last one (sad face).

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