The Crush: Episode 28

Fortify my love! Episode 28 is here to boost your blood alcohol levels.

We’re drinking Madeira on air with all of you! Because we love you. I also love this episode and I’ll give you a few reasons why:

01. We break down all the main types of sweet wine, aka stickies.

02. I got to drink while recording.

03. I got to eat chocolate too.

04. Christina and I give tasting notes for our Madeira in song form.

Throw in a Crush Quickfire with a winemaking couple in Western Australia and a listener question about anniversary wines and you’ve got a love and booze infused fun fest.

I’m sure you’ll eat some actual candy today, so how about I give you some eye candy? Arianna Occhipinti!!! This is my girl crush. Take a look at this article and photos titled Natural Woman. I swoon.

Photo of Arianna by The Selby for T Magazine

Love in the Time of Pink Wine & Donuts

On Valentine’s Day I can think of few things better to do than sitting around a beautiful table with some lovely, talented ladies eating ridiculously good desserts and drinking pink wine. I could have overdosed on pretty…and I know I at least came close to a sugar coma.

Joy the Baker, The Kitchy Kitchen and I teamed up for a “Gal-entine’s Day” sweet feast for The Chalkboard Mag. If you want to see more pics, all the stellar recipes and what wines I brought along- head over here.

If you just can’t get enough, Claire made a darling little video of our pink girly extravaganza too!

Happy Valentine’s Day you loveable people you! Remember: don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or whatever.


Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us. The hearts, the greeting cards, everything coming up roses, pink and other shades of flesh and blood. Do I sound cynical and jaded? Nah. Just single. But seriously, I really don’t mind this somewhat saccharin day. If anything, it is an excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate. And let people know you love them (or don’t love them at all and would NOT like to be their Valentine.) 3rd grade traumas seem to be arising. I think I shall take this moment to look back at some of my favorite sweet Italian things this year. It helps balance the “bitter.”

Uva Fragola= Strawberry Grape. A wild Italian grape that mysteriously tastes like fresh strawberry. I need these in my life. Why do they not grow in America?


Limoncello. In the words of the wise Clune McClune, “It’s like a musical instrument, but you can drink it.” Wise, indeed. It is thick and lemony and sweet. I like it chilled over ice. Just delicious.

moscato candy

Moscato grapes dried on the vine for sweet moscato passito wine. Peach-candied burnt orange-tangerine raisin candy. I could have spent the whole day in the vineyard with a lawn chair, a book and my arm within reach of a cluster.

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