Share the Love

One of my favorite things about this whole wine deal I have going on is sharing the wines I love with my friends. I love seeing them perk up after a sip of something delicious. My friend Claire had her second annual Gal-entine’s Day brunch recently to celebrate all the ladies in her life. She put out quite the spread of savory tarts and quiches, a DIY garland station of beautiful flowers, and bubbly wine with fresh juice. Guests brought yummy desserts and other goodies. I brought wine, as per usual. My go-to wine for a daytime girly affair is pink pet nat. A new favorite is Stephane Serol‘s ‘Turbulent’, a super delightful gamay bubbly.

ladies love pink

It pretty much goes with anything. Savory quiche, sweet scones, buttery biscuits, sunshine…

We had quite the afternoon. Making garlands, drinking, eating, drinking, and playing a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Check out Rue Magazine for all the pics and Claire’s tips! You’ll also get a peek at Bottle Stock‘s new greeting cards.

bottle stock vday cards

Hope your week is filled with friends, love, and belly laughs. And wine. Duh.

Photos by Claire Thomas

Jambalaia & Lasagna

Dinner with lady friends is always a good thing. It’s a welcome break from the grind and (duh) an opportunity to eat good food and drink yummy wine, all while talking about things like sex, interior design, and reality TV. Toby invited us over, Claire made a bangin’ lasagna, and I brought along one of La Clarine Farm‘s most recent releases- 2012 Jambalaia.

Hank Beckmeyer, winemaker/owner of La Clarine Farm, named this wine as such because it’s a throw these things in a pot and see what happens mix of white and red grape varieties (Grenache, Mourvedre, Marsanne, and Viognier.) The result was delicious! As is with a lot of Hank’s red wines, there’s a freshness and vibrancy, a purity of fruit, and a little mischievous spice or herbacious vibe. I threw it in the fridge for a bit to chill it down and really let that brightness pop.

I have no photos of the lasagna OR the straight up sinful cheesecake Toby made, because I’m an awful person. So you’ll have to use your culinary imagination. Love you!