The Crush: Episode 60

Sixty episodes?! Crazy. I always new Christina and I were talkers, but dang. We have somehow made it to our 60th episode of the little podcast we call The Crush. Thanks for listening along!

Christina tells us all about her experience making her very own Pinot Noir and what it’s like to crush grapes by hand (yikes!). I scream with excitement about the amazing Louis/Dressner tastings in LA that just went down. Wine celebrities! We discuss the finer points of wine swirling and my new dance move, “The Swirl.” There’s also talk of federweisser, drinking at least 7 glasses of wine a week, Garden & Gun, and blind tasting cocktail inspired candy. This episode has it ALL.

The Crush: Episode 57

You know why I love episode 57? Because it is what The Crush is all about in a 45 minute nutshell. It’s two best friends chatting about funny life stuff AND two women that love wine talking about wine. It’s the perfect marriage of chit-chat and wine knowledge. We hope you love it too!

I also love this episode because I learn what a ‘goon bag’ is and in what game one uses such a thing. Hint- it’s an Aussie thing. Of course it is. We make fun of a sweet little woman on Wheel of Fortune, profess our love for leather goods that carry wine, and hang with our homegirl Carmen Grape-iago. She’s a total lush.

Photo taken at Karthäuserhof in Germany, September 2012.

The Crush: Episode 56

Episode 56: The Wine Biz. It’s a marathon of an episode. A half-marathon. Anyway, it’s looooooong. But, so good!

As you might have been able to tell from the title of the episode, we’re talking all things wine business. We interviewed a lot of awesome wine peeps from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and even Australia about how they got into the biz and what their day to day life is like within it. People like Christy Frank of Frankly Wines and Mark Bright of Saison. Yeah, cool people. And we break down a lot of insider lingo and terms so you can feel like a total know-it-all in front of all your friends.