Easy Eats: Almond Butter Spoon

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Lawd knows I like good food. I worked in restaurants for years, get to eat at amazing places, have best friends that are chefs and cookbook writers…but I’m not much of a cook. I mean I can definitely throw down when need be, but I just don’t really LIKE cooking. I’m lazy as hell. If I do cook, I want it to be easy and fast. Or I just snack a lot. Therefore, today, I introduce my kind of food blog post- Easy Eats. First up is my main go-to: a spoon and a jar of almond butter. This ain’t called Easy Eats for nothin’ people!


I always add some sort of topping to my AB spoon and it’s usually Compartes dark chocolate. I also love a little banana, SQIRL jam, coconut flakes, honey or chia seeds. But, let’s discuss the almond butter for a second, shall we? Solstice Canyon hit the scene in LA recently (officially debuts October) and I’m in lurve. Beyond the pretty packaging, the butters are raw, organic and unpasteurized. And delicious!


So, already these aren’t your average almond butters. But then they add pink Himalayan sea salt, coconut nectar for sweetening and coconut oil. If you aren’t into coconut, you won’t like these. I happen to be obsessed with coconut, so I’m pretty stoked on the coconut-y vibes.  They are launching with two flavors: original and cardamom & clove (the latter tastes like almond butter and pumpkin pie had a love child). Get into it! Happy snacking.

The Whitney A. YouTube Channel!

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Well, I done did it. I started a YouTube channel. It was only a matter of time,  considering my big mouth and propensity to ham it up.



I’ll be posting a new vid every week, so subscribe and follow along with the madness! OK- there’s not a ton of madness, but there’s wine talk (duh), food talk, beauty talk, fashion, dating, LIFE. I’m covering lots of bases, and doing it with a bold lip. Speaking of lips! My first video is all about lipstick and wine glasses and how those two things are normally not friends, but we really need them to be so we can actually wear lip color and drink wine simultaneously. I’ve found the perfect lipstick that won’t leave a trail behind on your wine glass. You’re welcome!

The Best Gift Boxes Ever

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There are two women in Los Angeles that are helping people win at life and look like the most amazing gift givers ever. Those women are Barrett Prendergrast and Simone LeBlanc.


They are dominating the gift box game, sourcing the finest small production/artisanal goodies, arranging lovely florals and presenting them all in beautiful wood boxes. They each offer a slightly different aesthetic and approach, but both will save you in a last minute, “oh shit, I have no idea what to get so and so for their so and so.” Beyond being amazing options for a host/ess gift, they are also perfectly suited (and customized) for honestly any occasion- weddings, new parents, Valentine’s Day, clients, etc., etc. the list goes on.


More than receiving a great gift like this, it sure feels even better to give it.

Photos by @simoneleblanc + @valleybrinkroad

Illustrated: Napa Valley

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Every month the fabulous Elaine Brown, a philosopher turned illustrator, writer and wine explorer will be drawing whatever her heart desires and sharing it with us. She’s putting color and words to paper to illustrate a moment, a wine, a pairing, a feeling – pretty much anything that is inspiring her in the moment. With harvest underway as well as a 6.0 earthquake a few weeks ago, let’s put our focus on Napa. 


Beyond injuries, destruction to homes and personal property, which is devastating, many wineries (and warehouses storing wine) had awful damage after the quake ripped through the area. Barrels of wine quietly aging and delicately stacked bottles tumbled to the ground, wine covering the floors. Years of work, maybe most of a vintage of wine, gone or damaged beyond repair. Bottom line- it sucks. If you’d like to help in any way that you can, please read this post from Delectable and buy a bottle of Quake Cuvée from Matthiasson!

And, of course, #drinknapa. As always.

Illustration by Elaine Brown