Champagne for One

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Wine lesson of the day: there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a glass of fine Champagne with lunch on a weekday. You deserve it. And so did I on this particular day in Melbourne back in February. It’s not often that you see one of your favorite Champagnes (Doyard) on a by the glass list while far from home, and when you do, you take advantage. You might squeal a little first and then you take advantage. Hope you treat yourself to more wine moments like these. Because, in the end, wine is meant to be enjoyed and make life a little sweeter – and more bubbly.

city_wine_shop_melbourne_Australia doyard_champagne

City Wine Shop

159 Spring Street

Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3000

Blind Corner & Cow Bay Cheese, Margaret River

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One of things I most enjoy about what I do is that I get to drink wine all the time. Duh. I also love that I can travel the world and experience places and meet new amazing people through the lens of wine and food. I’m spoiled rotten and I shouldn’t forget it for a second. While in Margaret River, Christina and I stopped in to see Ben at Blind Corner. He plopped us down on his patio and opened up a bunch of cheese while we tasted through some of the wines. It’s hard to think of better ways to enjoy wine than al fresco and with cheese. I mean, right?



Ben’s brother makes cheese at Cow Bay so he had quite a few things hanging around for us to nibble on, including two little wheels of camembert – one young and fresh, the other a handful of weeks further down the road in its cheese life. You can see the difference below with the younger version on the left. The older, the funkier. And…wrinklier. One thing I didn’t realize before visiting is that Margaret River is a region known for cows and dairy production. So we were basically having the full Margaret River experience right there.




Thanks to Ben and Naomi for the hospitality and the smashable wines. Smashable is something the Aussies say and I’m super into. It seems a tad more more civilized than, say, chug-able. Anyway, I really enjoyed their chenin blanc/shiraz petilant naturel and the nouveau style carbonic shiraz. Keep up the good work! And the opening of delicious cheese for guests. They will, as I do, love you forever for it.

Paris Wine Co. at Night + Market Song

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champagne at night + market song

I love wine dinners. Well, certain ones. Domaine LA organized a dinner at Night + Market Song with Josh Adler of Paris Wine Co., who was in town visiting and making the rounds, and I didn’t want to miss it. His wines, French and natural, had just been introduced to the west coast and I’m not gonna pass up dinner at N+M. Cause, I mean, this crispy rice salad tho.


night market song bar

You can learn more about Josh and see more photos over on the Domaine LA blog.

Si Vintners, Margaret River

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The end of my time in Australia was spent in Perth with one of my best friends, Christina. During that week in WA, we decided to take a little road trip to Margaret River and see some of her wine pals down there. Christina and I have been going on wine adventures together for several years, the only difference with this adventure is that we had an extra buddy in tow – her newborn baby girl Alba. Safe to say this trip was a bit more tame than in previous years, but perhaps even better? We went to bed early, didn’t get too drunk and stayed hydrated! It was kind of great.


The highlight of my time in Margaret River was getting to meet Iwo and Sarah, husband and wife winemakers of Si Vintners. They are two of the most kindhearted people and they make damn good wine. They first bought their property in 2010, which came with 20 acres of 35 year old vines. They farm organically/biodynamically and make wine as simply as possible with no additives apart from a small amount of SO2 at bottling. We were able to taste through quite a few wines from bottle and barrel and I was just so impressed. Clean and well-made, but not lacking in texture, soul or personality.


They work with pinot noir, chardonnay, semillon, and red Bordeaux varieties and use old french barrels, concrete eggs and some stainless steel. They also play around with aging the semillon in concrete eggs under flor, which is super cool. I only wish they made more wine and that it was available to me in LA. I should stop whining. PS- If you want to know what steam cleaning a barrel looks like see below. PPS- If you want to know the most consumed beverage in any winery anywhere in the world, and no it’s not wine, you can also refer to one of the photos below.


Thanks to Sarah and Iwo for such a lovely visit. And to my dear Christina for introducing me to all of the special people and talented winemakers I met in Australia.