Day Tripping: Pick a Destination Out of a Hat

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 1 No tags 1

There are those days when you just have to get out of town and get some wind in your hair. I almost typed WINE in your hair, but maybe that works too since it comes right back to the same type of feeling. I needed a break and I didn’t want to have to plan anything. I just wanted to go.


On a Saturday, I asked my social media pals what their favorite destinations were within two hours of Los Angeles. I got a few recommendations of spots I had already been to, but several places I had never visited, and the new landscapes were the ones I wanted to see. I wrote every single new-to-me destination on pieces of scrap paper and threw them in a hat. The next day, I woke up early and picked one. Looked like I would be headed to Lake Arrowhead!

I spent about 30 minutes looking at possible places to eat and activities to do, asking a few friends for recommendations of hikes and cool things to see. I packed a hat, a bikini, a towel and some water and hit the road.


I ate some mediocre tacos and drank a margarita by the lake and then made my way towards Aztec Falls, a hidden swimming hole about a half mile down a trail in Deep Creek canyon. I got a little confused trying to find it, but I asked people along the trail and just followed the sound of joyous beer-drinking people (and completely freaked out people jumping off cliffs). As Type A as I am, it feels good to get lost and not know where you’re going sometimes.

I truly had a great day. I gave myself time to explore and wander around, stopping at another lake, some hole in the wall authentic restaurants/shops/bars and even Twin Peaks (!) on the way home. I highly recommend you give this whole thing a try, wherever you are. It’s a cheap, easy and fast way to get a mini vacation and step outside of your usual routine!

A Vintage Wine Purse

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When I was in St. Louis recently, my friends and I spent a Saturday afternoon at a vintage pop-up street fair. There was SO MUCH good stuff. Everything in LA gets picked over, but whenever I thrift or look at vintage in other cities while traveling I notice some real gems, and for cheap too. I walked past a stall and something caught my eye. It was like the clouds parted (it was really sunny out with no clouds but let’s just go with it) and a ray of light from the heavens shone down on one particular item…this wicker wine carrier. I call it my wine purse. Because when you leave the house, all you really need is a bottle of wine. Right??


Who knows when it was made or where, but I had to have it. I think I paid $10 or $15 for it and it was money well spent. I usually use my Bottle Stock leather tote when transporting wine to a party or what have you, but this is so fun for the summer and all those picnics and BBQ’s.


I actually found one on eBay that is very similar if you feel like you need this in your life. But, if you want the wine pictured (2013 La Clarine Farm Rosé) you can definitely buy that right here. It’s unfiltered, a little earthy/yeasty/tangy, like peach fuzz. Totally unique and delicious.

Drinking in A Barage With Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 0 , , 0


A barage is a garage with a bar in it. Let’s just get that out of the way so we can marvel in its genius. I didn’t know it was a thing until last week when I realized it could be a thing and then thought about why all garages don’t have bars in them. We can figure out where to park a car. There are more important things to worry about, like booze. I was invited to this barage to celebrate well-known Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler‘s new book, The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique. Jeffrey’s brother-in-law happens to be LA bartender Joe Brooke and is the man behind the barage, so it all kinda worked out perfectly.


Jeffrey was serving up a few Tanqueray gin-based cocktails for all us thirsty folk. I, of course, dove straight into the Negroni. It’s a sort of magnetic gravitational pull that I have no control over. Jeffrey did a quick infusion of oak chips and then aerated the gin with a Vitamix to give it a barrel aged feel without having to put the gin in a barrel and wait a long ass time. Mission accomplished.




I highly recommend picking up Jeffrey’s book. It would be an awesome addition to any booze-y library. He covers a ton of practical techniques, but also includes some cool new things to try out and incorporate into your cocktail game. It’s fun to learn, especially when the learning results in better drinking. Am I right or am I right?

Looking for an Intern

Saturday, August 2, 2014 1 No tags 0


Hello all! Guess what? There’s this movie that’s coming out this Fall. It’s a workplace comedy set in Los Angeles starring me and someone else awesome that shall have the title of intern! Haha. See what I did there? All right, all right let’s just go ahead and get to business.

Here are the deets:

Hiring a part-time intern (10-15 hours/week) to work on ongoing projects for both Bottle Stock and Whitney A. Needs: basic photoshop and writing skills, a car, a sense of humor, to love wine/cocktails/food, the ability to organize, to be proactive and to think outside the box. A great opportunity to learn about all things wine, creating online content (videos, blog, writing), building a brand, marketing and PR, product development, and managing a small retail/wholesale business. Local LA hire only. Will work mainly onsite at home office as well as some offsite hours. Unpaid (school credit if applicable), with potential for paid events.

Email resume and cover letter (and anything else of relevancy/humor) to Thanks!

Photo by Betsy Newman