All About the Shrub

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My latest YouTube vid is a good one. It’s a good one mainly because I shot it with my homie Adrianna and it’s all about…SHRUBS. I almost used a z there instead of an s since that’s how tight me and shrubs are at this point. I’ve become obsessed with fruit shrubs this summer and am even more so now that I realize how easy they are to make. Check out the video for a how-to and super simple but delicious cocktail ideas using the peach shrub Adrianna made.

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And if you happen to be lazy and/or in a “I ain’t got no time for that” mood, I found a solid bottled version from INNA shrub while at Esters recently. The meyer lemon is perfectly tangy and sweet, just as a shrub should be, and excels with crisp bubbly water over ice.

Falling in Love

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Falling in love with a wine is a lot like falling in love with a person. As a grown lady and someone that’s been in the wine game for a minute, I’ve come to realize neither of those things happen with great frequency. You have to kiss/drink a lot of frogs before you find your prince.


Being able to share a wine you love with a person you love – well that’s a little bit of magic right there, isn’t it? While up in Los Olivos recently I was able to do just that. I brought back a bottle of Tom Shobbrook 2013 Syrah from my Australia trip that was so kindly given to me. I was waiting a few months, four to be exact, to crack it open.

My visit with Tom in February was really wonderful. He’s such an intelligent and curious guy sort of breaking the rules of what some people might think Barossa Valley wine should be. He’s making a sherry style wine, skin contact sauv blanc (the Didi Giallo – one of my favorite wines of the trip), and working with other Rhone varieties beyond syrah. After living in Italy and loving Italian wines, he came back to Australia and started playing around with things like nebbiolo and sangiovese too. The man cannot be stopped. And that’s a good thing because he makes damn fine wine.


His syrah was so fresh, drinkable, silky, juicy, aromatic…the opposite of what you think a Barossa Shiraz would be.  It’s still unmistakably syrah, which is nice to see as some natural wines tend to lose their varietal identity a bit. Needless to say, I didn’t want this bottle to empty, but as it happens with all delicious wines, it did.


Porch Pounders

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Summer!  The time for al fresco drinking. Sipping en plein air. Pounding some dranks on the porch.  My most recent YouTube vid is all about some of my favorite affordable (chilled) wines for quenching thirst and cooling off in the summer heat. Check it out!

Madcapra, Los Angeles

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When I lived in New York, I ate a lot of falafel. It was in abundance, cheap, and delicious and I took advantage. It’s the perfect on-the-go meal. It’s the perfect I’m drunk and it’s 2 am meal. It’s the perfect I need something I can eat while walking fast and getting on a subway train meal.  You get me. But when I moved to LA nine years ago, I was like, “where all my falafel at?” In the past year however, falafel is kind of blowing up. And rightly so! There’s Dune, Ta eem, a forthcoming concept from Bestia‘s Ori Menache, and… Madcapra.


The ladies behind Madcapra, Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer, made the move from Brooklyn’s Glasserie (one of my favorite meals in 2013) to downtown LA’s Grand Central Market, which has quickly become a serious food destination. They are churning out super delicious food with high quality ingredients. I love when chefs that can do fine dining do fast fare in a casual setting. That chewy charred flatbread, those cute little crunchy falafel cubes, the fresh herbs, the creamy and tangy tahini. Great! And the sumac pita chips? They just straight up walked out of my brain space where my favorite things exist, when I didn’t even know they were there,  and into a little plastic bag at the counter of Madcapra.

madcapra falafel

Madcapra at Grand Central Market

317 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90013