Lazy Bitch: Tinto de Verano aka Easy Sangria

Friday, August 19, 2016 3 No tags 2

As an official Lazy Bitch, summer is kind of my season. It’s hot out and therefore slightly more acceptable to just avoid all the emails in your inbox and go to the beach instead. And drink things on said beach. I’m a big fan of uncomplicated cocktails – I’m talking three ingredients or less. I’m also a fan of chilled red wine. This, my friends, is both.

Tinto de Verano (red wine of summer) is a thing in Spain. It’s a light red wine with lemon-lime soda over ice. It’s basically like a sangria. But EASIER. I suggest using any $15 and under unoaked red. And I like sticking with the roots of the drink and going Spanish with it. Garnacha or Tempranillo would be great, but so would Gamay or Pinot. You kind of can’t go wrong. Stick a citrus garnish on that sucker and you’re set. Drink and repeat all summer.

Photo by Jeremy Dempe

Mardi Gras & How to Make a Hurricane

Monday, February 8, 2016 0 No tags 0

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I’m not the only one wishing I could somehow transport myself magically to the center of the French Quarter right now, right? Well, I guess I’ll make do with Los Angeles (I can’t really complain!) and a fresh batch of hurricanes. And maybe I’ll throw beads at random passerbys to get in the mood. Maybe not.

The¬†hurricane has gotten a bad rap and it needs a brand makeover. All of those frozen, neon red monstrosities you see in giant go cups around the Nola are in fact not the original hurricane. Really it’s just a super simple three-ingredient drink that’s light and tangy. Give it a try! It’s great to batch out and serve at parties. I’ll definitely be drinking this from now ’til…next Mardi Gras.

Hurricane recipe:

Makes 1 drink
2 oz rum (light or dark is fine, I prefer light)
1 oz lime (lemon is in the OG recipe, but I prefer lime)
1 oz passion fruit syrup (homemade, or purchased here or here)
Add ingredients plus crushed to shaker and pour in a glass.

Useful Truths

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I was reading an interview with Ruth Reichl yesterday and something she said rang like a bright bell straight through my ears. She said, “Your truth can be useful to people.”


So, I sat there on my couch and thought about how my truth could be useful. But really, I’d been looking for permission to share my dirty little secret, which has nothing to do with wine or travel or cool restaurants, for some time. There’s healing in sharing and not hiding, and with that comes the ability to move forward, boldly and freely. I wanted to do that, finally.

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