What’s for Sipper, BRK Dining?

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We’ve got the boys of BRK Dining in the hot seat today. Say hello to chef Max Shapiro and sommelier Max Coane. These two create some pretty magical and wine-soaked private dinners. If you’re in LA, you need to get on their mailing list and into one of the seats around their dining table stat! And yes, they have the same name and practically gave the same answers for most of the questions I asked. It’s cute, they’re besties.

Hometown: Max Shapiro- Los Angeles, CA. Max Coane- New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA.

Favorite Fall beverage: Shapiro- Vino all day erry day. Coane- Calvados. Delicious year round, but there is something about apples and fall.

Favorite cocktail or spirit: Shapiro- Rye old fashioned. Coane- Rye Old Fashioned. Classic. If I’m trying to turn it up though it has to be VEP Chartreuse…

Favorite place to grab a drink: Shapiro- Eveleigh (Doctor Kupchinsky knows how to stir a cocktail.) Coane- Eveleigh. Dave is the man, he has an EPIC beard, and they have VEP Chartreuse…do you see a pattern developing here??? Also the private rooftop club at Petit Ermitage. My boy Brian Stewart is the “Spirits Master” there and he makes some killer drinks. He has a barrel aged cocktail “The Lovely Lauren” that is so tasty but its 130% booze so you can’t have more than one…or three.

Favorite toast: Shapiro- Brioche.  Coane- Sourdough. Though Rye may be my favorite bread….Actually my favorite toast would have to be Brioche. If we aren’t talking about breakfast the classic “Cheers” is great so long as there is good eye contact. However amongst friends I have been known to say: “Here’s to you and here’s to me. Best friends we shall always be; and if we should ever disagree…Then fuck you, and here’s to me!”

Favorite post-dinner drink: Shapiro- Fernet or Chartreuse. Coane- VEP Chartreuse. Vegetal as all hell but its one of my all time favorite beverages. I will preach the gospel of Chartreuse to anyone who will listen.

Favorite food and beverage pairing: Shapiro- Weissburgunder and aged raw lamb. Coane- Mark Bright at Saison in SF threw down one of the craziest/best wine and food pairings I’ve ever had. The dish was 60 day dry aged lamb, shaved raw over slow grilled nightshades. Essentially grilled eggplant with the gnarliest (in the best way) gamey raw lamb. He paired it with a Weingut Rebholz Weissburgunder ‘Im Sonnershein’ Grosses Gewächs, 2006 from Pfalz in Germany. Smoky, peachy, mineral. Amazing stuff. It didn’t hurt that Rudi Wiest was standing by the Chef’s counter and telling us all these amazing stories of his years in the wine business, none of which I’m able to reproduce here of course.

If you could travel to one region of the world right now for its food and/or drink, where would you go? Shapiro- I really want to see what’s going on in Denmark. Coane- Right now I’m really excited about Germany and Austria. While I’m genetically and historically programmed to be afraid of that part of the world, those Prussian’s know how to make laser focused wines.

What’s for sipper? Shapiro- red Burgundy is on the menu tonight . Coane- Well I just got back from two days of CMS exams in Santa Barbara and I’m still sweating out all the wine Eric Railsback poured into my mouth. Seriously there is video of me doing a “layback” over the bar while Railsback is pouring Knoll Riesling straight into my mouth. So I’d like to say I’m not drinking for a minute, but that would be a boldfaced lie. Since we are still tasting all the Spanish wines for SOS I’ll probably bust into some Godello. Bodegas Rafael Palacios makes a killer wine, “As Sortes,” that has this awesome almost Chassagne-Montrachet-ish nose on it. Its nice for someone like me who has a big Burgundian fetish but doesn’t have the bank account required to drink a lot of Burgundy.

Photos by Melissa Ryan
  • Sarah
    November 12, 2013

    Tinder date!?

  • Beth
    November 22, 2013

    Which one asked you out?! I’m so curious after hearing the podcast!

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