The Wine Wayfarer Club: Meeting #1

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2 No tags 0

My buddy Dylan and I decided to start something. I don’t want to call it a tasting group, because that sounds boring. Basically, it’s a gathering of people that have a passion for food and beverages drinking wine and talking. Then, drinking more wine and talking even more enthusiastically than before because they are maybe slightly buzzed. We’re calling this monthly gathering¬†The Wine Wayfarer Club. Perhaps this name is kinda hipster and annoying. So what!

Some people around the table start as strangers and leave friends. This is awesome.

We figured wine should be experienced with food, so each meeting will be at a delicious LA eatery. Our first? The Hart and The Hunter. The wine? Burgundy. Everyone was told to bring a bottle of red or white Burgundy of their choice. No price limit or minimum and no blind tasting. We printed out some maps for handy referencing.

I brought a bottle of Fanny Sabre 2010 Beaune. I love this wine! It’s so pure and vibrant. A total departure in style from some of the other Pinots on the table. See the mesmerizing color of the wine below.

The biscuits at The Hart and The Hunter are beyond. Beyond! Served with pimento cheese, honey butter and macerated blackberries. Say what? Hush child.

Lemon ice box pie. End of sentence. I die.

A photo of almost all of the Wayfarers from club meeting number one, sans moi. Safe to say we had a fun time and our palate’s understood a little bit more about Burgundy at the end of the evening than at the beginning.

  • Tiffany
    February 20, 2013

    Those biscuits. Oh those sweet biscuits. Had them when I was home in December and I am still having sweet dreams of all that deliciousness

  • Aeshna
    February 20, 2013

    What a super idea!

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