Don’t Judge

…a wine by its label! I happen to think this particular label is no bueno. Maybe it’s so bad it’s good? OK- It’s not awful, but it could be a lot better. ANYWAY, I don’t like it. So, if I was just shuffling around a wine shop trying to decide what to pick up not knowing anything about this particular wine or winemaker, I would pass right by it. It happens every day in wine shops all over the country. People judge. I judge. You know how I love a wine that gives good label.

My point is we need to judge less and uncork more. Because if we do, we will get to enjoy a wine like this Luigi Tecce Satyricon. We opened it during a staff Campania tasting at Terroni and ’twas my favorite of the day. Pure Aglianico through and through. Somebody give me a pizza! I’m reliving this taste sensation in my palate brain.

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  • Paolo
    February 8, 2013

    Reminds me of Stone Brewing Company’s logo a little, and the fact that I refused to try any of their beers for a long time because I was put off by the gargoyle and “bastard” motif. When I did finally come around, I discovered some ridiculously great beer.

    I think we’ve all been burned in this way. Great observations.

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