Ask Whit: Party Wine

So, you’ve been asked to bring wine to a party and you have no idea what wine to choose. We’ve all been there. What are they serving? You have no idea. Do they like red or white? Who knows. How many people will be there? Plenty. Therefore, when in doubt, go big. Go magnum.

Why more people don’t use this party trick is beyond me. It looks impressive and it’s fun for people to pour. And for whatever reason, it just feels fancier. Guess what? It’s not going to break the piggy bank either. You can get a a lot of great magnums (equal to 2 bottles of wine) for under $50. I tend to bring bubbly or a versatile red to a party, but whether you settle on a white or red or whatever, you’ll be everyone’s wine hero.

Photos from our all magnum Domaine LA staff holiday dinner.

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  • Christian Rollino
    January 6, 2013

    1.5L >> 750ml = Party┬▓
    I agree,the magnum is great for a party – either as host or guest.
    You can’t go wrong with more wine.

    PS: Awesome recommendation at Terroni last night-always fun. And looking forward to trying out our mixed case from Domaine. Keep fighting the good fight for Quality vino!

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