Ask Whit: Ice?

Q: Can you put some ice in this for me? Or am I not supposed to, like, dooooo that? – My mother

A: Hey Mom, ain’t no shame in the ice game. When it comes to certain types of wine. I’m not recommending putting ice cubes in your Cedric Bouchard Champagne, but when you’ve got a wine that is basically really good adult Kool-Aid? Come on! Ice is fine.

My mother first posed that question to me earlier this year when I served her a glass of Bottex Bugey-Cerdon. I went ahead and put ice in her wine, as she requested, because if there was ever a wine to put ice in it would be that one. My buddy Talia posted an Instagram photo recently which revealed that she clearly agrees.

My mom is in town again, this time celebrating her 60th birthday! What better way to ring in her big 6-0 than with some more yummy pink pet nat with ice. This time, we rolled with Maison PUR‘s La Bulle Gamay. This wine is delicious, but it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. The ice keeps everything super chilled and frothy and honestly you drink it so fast there isn’t much time for dilution. I’m keeping more of my thoughts on La Bulle Gamay under wraps for now since you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in due time. Hint: the next BHMF video! It’s gonna be a GOOD one.

Cheers Mom! Here’s to many more years of drinking the good pink stuff I give you. With ice in it.

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