What’s for Sipper, Alie & Georgia?

Hey dudes! It’s time for an introduction, as is typical with this here blog series. Meet Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstock, also known simply as Alie & Georgia. They are two super hilarious ladies starring on their very own Cooking Channel series called Classy Ladies as well as hosting the uber cozy pajama-wearing podcast Slumber Party. They make crazy cocktails and look pretty dang good while doing it.


Current location: Los Angeles

Alie: San Francisco, CA. Please nobody call it Frisco? Okay?

Georgia: Born in Los Angeles, raised begrudgingly in Orange County.

Favorite Fall beverage:

Alie: I was just making a cup of hot green tea and realized that I really missed it all summer. In colder months, my blood is actually 40% green tea.

Georgia: I love a Hot Toddy, which is really just a sick person’s excuse to drink whiskey.

Favorite cocktail or spirit:

Alie: I had a drink at The Office, which is tucked below Aviary in Chicago, and it involved wheated bourbon, tobacco, allspice, pomegranate, maple, and Meyer lemon. It was the most complex and leathery, woodsy beverage I’ve ever had and it’s absence in my life will haunt me forever. I want to go back to Chicago just got this drink. But I’m always open to Negronis in hot weather, and a good sippin’ Sazerac in colder weather.

Georgia: We took a trip to London recently thanks to Plymouth and Beefeater gins, and learned all about the junipery spirit, which was something I had never really enjoyed. That trip changed my mind, and not just because they treated us like freaking royalty. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with gin and tonics. Beefeater 24, Fever Tree tonic, and a slice of lime. Perfection. I enjoy simple, classic cocktails that are mixed well and use quality ingredients (said the girl who created a kettle corn cocktail).

Favorite place to grab a drink:

Alie: Did I mention I’m obsessed with The Office in Chicago? But I also love Eveleigh, which is located on the cultural skidmark that is the Sunset Strip, or Library Bar in the bottom of the Roosevelt.

Georgia: Big Bar in Los Feliz is a great place to grab a well made cocktail and relax in a lovely setting. What I want in a bar changes from day to day, though, so sometimes a dark Mexican restaurant and a strong Margarita (rocks, salt) is all that will do, and I’ve never met a dive bar I didn’t like.

Favorite toast:

Alie: Drunk Oktoberfest chicken Dance. Easy.

Georgia: I can’t take a sip of a drink without clinking glasses, I just love the tradition. Eye contact and a hearty “cheers” or “to life” are also necessary. That said, people who get fancy and say “cin cin” or something pretentious like that drive me crazy.

Favorite post-dinner drink:

Alie: I had Averna and Suze mixed together recently and it was sweet and herby and bitter and wonderful. Pour any amaro in a glass and let me sip it like an old dude and I’m stoked.

Georgia: Anything with bitters works for me. An Old Fashioned is a pretty perfect ending to a nice dinner…or a bad one, too, I guess.

Favorite food & beverage pairing:
Alie: My favorite meals in LA have been by Miles Thompson at the pop-up Vagrancy Project. His pairings are always insanely awesome, but my dream meal involves a perfect delicate seafood dish of his plus a vino verhde. Straight up drooling thinking about it.Georgia: How crass would I sound if I said beer and wings. Very? Ok, then how about an assertive glass of red wine and a huge bowl of squid ink pasta.

If you could travel to one region of the world right now for its food and/or drink where would you go?

Alie: I’ve never been to Spain but hot damn I’d love to be eating and drinking there.

Georgia: I’ve sat here for five minutes trying to narrow it down to just one place. Japan was my first thought, so lets go with that. I love their whiskey and of course their food, and I’m currently obsessed with Yuri Kato’s Japanese Cocktails book.

What’s for sipper?

Georgia: Beer, to be honest. Tonight is the first Giants game of the season and my fiance would leave me if I didn’t participate in the celebrations. At least there’s beer and lots of snacks. Later in the night I’ll be at The Spare Room in the Roosevelt Hotel, so I can sip one of their punches and pretend I’m classy and didn’t eat tons of chips and dip earlier in the evening.

Photos courtesy of Cooking Channel and Megan McIsaac for Storyboard

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  • The Cuisinerd
    September 26, 2012

    I am obsessed with Suze. I visited Craft & Commerce in San Diego the other week and the white negroni has changed my life.

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