What’s for Sipper, Maggie Hoffman?

Introducing a lady that knows her beverages, give a big hello to Maggie Hoffman- the founder and editor of Serious Eats: Drinks. She recently left NYC and headed west to a lovely little city called San Francisco, where she has already hit the ground running eating drinking. The answers she gave to my little questionnaire have made me realize that we are either the exact same person or meant to be friends forever. Without further ado!

Hometown: Portland, Oregon. Current location: San Francisco, CA

Favorite Summer beverage: In the morning: double espresso on ice. Afternoon: a super-fresh IPA while sitting in a beer garden or backyard. Evening: Riesling! My recent what-I-drank-on-my-summer-vacation report is here.

Favorite cocktail or spirit: I tend toward sours, anything with tart, fresh citrus.

Favorite place to grab a drink:  I’m missing the balcony I had in New York, and I’m missing Ward III in Tribeca, but I’m sure I’ll find new favorites in my new home city.

Favorite toast: Hm. Not sure it matters what you say. But it does matter who you’re with.

Favorite post-dinner drink: Amari. It’s fun to explore a range of them.

Favorite food & beverage pairing: I’m into dark beer and chocolate, and I’m really into sherry and fried olives.

If you could travel to one region of the world right now for its food and/or drink where would you go?  I’m lucky enough to get to travel quite a bit for work, and I’m headed to Germany soon. I’m so eager to put a picture to the vineyards I’ve read about and tasted through.

What’s for sipper?  Last night I went over to make dinner with Stevie Stacionis of Corkbuzz. She always has fun wine to try. We made grilled corn with homemade basil mayo, and drank Zanotto Prosecco Col Fondo, a delicious bottle fermented, lees aged, unfiltered wine that was just the ideal summer-evening sip.

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  • Diane, A Broad
    August 31, 2012

    “Afternoon: a super-fresh IPA while sitting in a beer garden or backyard.” My kind of girl.

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