Ask Whit: Pimp Cupz

Q: What’s your preference in wine glasses? Is there anything you love or hate?

A: I’m not too picky about glassware when it comes to wine. Is it in a shape that is conducive to getting liquid from point A (the glass) to point B (my mouth)? Great. I’ll use that. OK- maybe I’m not THAT laid back. But, when I’m out and about and at the mercy of someone else’s wine vessel of choice, I go with the flow. I’ve definitely consumed lots of wine out of clunky Ikea stems and an assortment of colored plastic cups. As well as maroon goblets and the most popular wine glass in American households- ones with winery names etched into the side that were acquired free of charge on a hazy afternoon in a tasting room somewhere.

My favorite glasses are ones that are free from flourish and are clear, as in not tinted. I don’t like trinkets or embellishment, just give me a plain glass that isn’t too heavy or thick, with stem or without.

Except sometimes, I just don’t care. Like this time:

I attended a BBQ this weekend at a friend’s parents house. You can imagine that there were mainly adult fancy things for use in the kitchen and such. When it was time to pop open the pet nat, this was our best option. It actually couldn’t have been more perfect for the wine we were drinking- Domaine La Grange Tiphaine’s Rosa, Rosé, Rosam. It’s pink, it’s flirty, it’s slightly bubbly and it could inspire a wildly successful rap song. Every time I picked up the golden glass, this song started playing in my brain…


And I couldn’t hate on the little gold charms adorning the stems, because it actually helped all of us idiots remember which glass was our own. As much as I really hate to admit that. Some things are just meant to be.

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  • Aeshna
    August 29, 2012

    Hi Whitney,

    How about debunking some wine myths about decanters, storage, corks, colour, pairings etc.? Your top 10 wine myths un-mythed!
    How long can you keep wine after opening it before it goes off?

    Thank you 🙂

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