Sometimes, I decide to drive to Malibu on a day off. I also might decide to want to drink some sort of wine beverage while on the sand. BUT, I don’t decide this until I have only a Vons supermarket within many miles of this beach location. Therefore, sometimes, I just suck it up and buy a cheap, entirely forgettable bottle of Prosecco That Will Not be Named and plastic cups.

I didn’t die. Life goes on. Except when…

Sometimes, I am clumsy and drop my Canon 40D on a concrete floor! That happened and it sucks. So please bear with me while my little baby is being repaired. I figured instead of pouting about this whole mess, I should take this sans 40D opportunity to switch things up and get creative here on the blog. I’ll be borrowing a few friends’ cameras over the course of the next month- an old point and shoot, a Polaroid camera and even some nicer Canons than the one I usually shoot with!

Let’s see what happens!

  • nic0
    May 22, 2012

    yes! iv had so many moments in vons. especially in mammoth where it is actually the only wine store and you kinda have to drive 5 hours to L.A. to get a better bottle of wine. in that period i lived off of guigal cotes du rhone, and that was kinda the only thing i could bare drinking. as for white wine…. that would really be a mindfuck, and i would end up just reaching for the champagne of beers….

  • Laura
    May 23, 2012

    This sounds like the story of my life! LOL have fun experimenting w/ the new cameras!

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