What’s for Sipper, André Mack?

I thought I’d feature another kick ass NYC-er while I’m at it. So, Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. André Hueston Mack! André is a sommelier, formerly of The French Laundry and Per Se, and owner of Mouton Noir Wines where he sells his “unique and distinctive garage wines” and some pretty dope wine schwag(which you can find listed in My Favorite Things)

Let’s do this!

Name: André Mack. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY. Current location: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Fall beverage: Elijah Craig Bourbon and Apple Cider from the Farmer’s Market.

Favorite cocktail or spirit: Gin & Tonic made with Blue Gin and Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic.

Favorite place to grab a drink: Weather Up in Prospect Heights

Favorite toast: “To Friends, Family and Frenemies.”

Favorite post-dinner quaff: Any Amaro (Nonino)

Favorite food & beverage pairing: Off-Dry Wine & Cheese

If you could travel to one region of the world right now for its food and/or drink where would you go? Kansai region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto & Kobe). It is home to 12 Michelin  3 star restaurants.

What’s for sipper? Been drinking Lapierre Morgon all week.

This photo REALLY cracks me up.

Top photo of André pouring wine at Frasca in Boulder, CO by DLH Creative.

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