The Crush: Episode 18!

She’s all grown up. It’s graduation day. Episode 18! Now she’s gonna go off and live in London with Christina where the drinking age is 18. Fine then.

So. This week we address Thanksgiving wines (you know we had to), reveal some ugly truths about Beaujolais Nouveau, try to understand why New Zealand would want to make a drink made out of- wait for it- palm trees and watch the video of Alice Feiring stomping sagrantino grapes with her feet. AND the always stylish and globe-trotting Carmen Grape-iago is off to a very interesting location with vineyards that look like the surface of the moon!

And if you can guess correctly how many times Christina and I collectively say Beaujolais, you win a bottle of…Georges Duboeuf.

Photo of vineyard above from JPS

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