What’s for Sipper, Max and Francesca?

May I please present the unstoppable duo behind the Southern Italian lovefest of a restaurant that is Terroni. Max and Francesca, husband and wife, are two people definitely working their culos off to “keep the world safe for Italian wine” (in the words of Alfonso and Jeremy). Or at least, California.  They are a joy to work for and with and Terroni is a place where you can feel all that joyful energy. It’s palpable. If you want to feast and drink some really great Italian wine- GO. THERE.

Name: Max Stefanelli (M) and Francesca Sarti (F) Hometown: Bologna, Italy Location: Los Angeles

Favorite summertime beverage: M: Bellavista Brut Rosé. F: Bicicletta (beer and sprite)

Favorite cocktail or spirit: M: Negroni. F: Easy peasy- Aperol and Prosecco.

Favorite place to grab a drink: M: Soho House. F: So, other than Terroni…Not for wine- Eveleigh.

Favorite toast: M: salute! F: A classic- salute! And a must: (something that we always do) always look into the eyes of the person you are toasting with.

Favorite post-dinner quaff: M: Grappa Nardini riserva. F: Amaro (Nonni or Averna with a few ice cubes)

Favorite food & beverage pairing: M: Sagrantino di Montefalco passito and roasted lamb. F: Sangiovese and tagliatelle al ragù

If you could travel to one region of the world right now for its food and/or drink where would you go? M: Andalusia, Spain.  F:Tokyo, Japan.

What’s for sipper? M: Majoli Rosato, Tenute Sella. F: 09 Etna Rosso, Graci.

All original photos by Ben Andersen (Thanks!)

  • Joanie Karapetian
    August 17, 2011

    Love Terroni- and Max & Francesca as well! 🙂

  • Dante palombi
    August 17, 2011

    I like Aperol + Prosecco. i svery, very. good and Italian!.
    For the reds I ha ve other preferebnces, but when i will came in Los Angeles, Max and Wife wille be my preferred!

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