Ladies Who Brunch

Brunch! My favorite meal ever invented. Perhaps because it is the only daytime meal where drinking is completely acceptable! My wine of choice at brunch is always and forever either rosé or bubbles.  And guess what? We had both.

Last weekend, my pal Joy had some ladies over for a very civilized brunch complete with quiche, salad, a veritable strawberry fantasia and WINE. I brought Bedrock‘s 2010 Ode to Lulu. It’s a seriously lovely rosé from 120 year old mourvedre vines up in Sonoma.

Feast your eyes on this focaccia…


While floating on a strawberry cloud, we popped open some Francois Pinon Vouvray. Into the coupes it went! Drinking sparkling wine out of a coupe is a must do situation.  Especially when one wants to feel civilized. But there is also something about a coupe that feels frivolous and tipsy and fun.


And then this happened. Fresh, and I mean right out of the fryer fresh, sour cream doughnuts with brown sugar/brown butter glaze. What? This thing basically tasted like, stay with me, a bite of fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup. Seriously. So good!

I am an official believer in doughnuts and bubbly together. But, I can’t say that this particular duo was the best pairing ever. But WHO CARES.

We sat down on the floor and feasted. Bikes, babes, bubbles and…baked goods.

Thank you Joy for such a wonderfully yummy brunch. With the friends I keep, I sure do eat well.

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  • ChocoMeat
    June 8, 2011

    Omg omg those donuts with Vouvray! Amazeballs!

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