The Beurre of My Dreams

I’ll get to all the wine soon, but I just HAVE to share with you the amazing butter I had while in Sancerre. We were lucky enough to be invited over for dinner to the home of young winemaker Sebastien Riffault (he was chef for the night!). In addition to tasting his great sauvignon blanc and a decadent tartiflette, he shared some delicious butter and bread to snack.

These beauties are from Le Beurre Bordier aka The Butter Geniuses. The butter hails from Brittany in the north of France and is artfully crafted by Jean-Yves Bordier. This was, hands down, the best butter I have ever had. Ever. The yuzu was my personal favorite, although they were all delicious. You know something is special when it inspires heated conversation over its many possible uses. I think the yuzu would be amazing in a fruit pie or tart crust, the seaweed melted over grilled fish, the salted on- well- just about anything.

More info on the wines to follow, but Sebastien is making a great skin contact Sancerre (on the right). It was my favorite of the 3. And in a tip of the hat to the recently departed Marcel Lapierre, I drank from his tasting glass all night. He was a dear friend of Sebastien’s and the Riffault family and a extremely well respected Beaujolais master and natural wine pioneer.

I didn’t have my camera that night, so Soren filled in as photographer. Merci Didier! I used a little Rollip effects action to add some “nostalgia” as well as some typography…for educational purposes.

  • Anne-Marie
    November 18, 2010

    Bonjour, Whitney! That’s about the extent of my French. I just found your website through Joy the Baker. Thank you for donating the sock monkey for her November giveaway. It’s the perfect antidote for some of my friends who are just a little too serious about wine but who are about to receive a lovely Brunello for Christmas. Can you tell me where you got Mr. Wine Monkey? Can I get me some monkeys, too? Best to you and great blog! I’ve added you to my morning blogroll.

    • whitney
      November 18, 2010

      and a BONJOUR to you too Anne-Marie! happy to be your new blogroll pal! as for the wine monkeys- we can ship them to you from the wine shop. contact Jill or myself at DomaineLA (323) 932-0280. they aren’t up on the website, just give us a call.

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