What’s For Sipper, Do Bianchi?

In the 3rd installment of What’s For Sipper?, I dive into the philological brain of one Mr. Jeremy Parzen. I first met Jeremy back in March in Asti when he so kindly invited me to join him and some other rockstar wine dudes for a Barbera extravaganza. I became one of the Barbera 7. And my life changed. No- not really. But we had one hell of a fun time. He continues to impress with his linguistic acumen, musical skills, undying love for wife Tracie P. and knowing actually everything about Italian wine. I bow down to you.

Name: Jeremy Parzen, PhD. aka Do Bianchi aka Jar

Hometown: La Jolla, CA. Current location: Austin, TX

Favorite  beverageNebbiolo, practically anything from 1989.

Favorite cocktail or spiritVodka (Absolut) martini, dry and dirty.

Favorite place to grab a drinkTrain station in Vicenza, Italy.

Favorite toastMelba and/or L’chaim.

Favorite post-dinner quaffBourbon (Basil Hayden).

Favorite food & beverage pairingLambrusco and zampone.

If you could travel to one wine region of the world where would you go? Valdobbiadene.

What’s for sipper? Tonight is erev Rosh Hashanah so probably some Manischevitz (for the nostalgia and ease of it). On any other night this week, Pichierri Tradizione del Nonno by Vinicola Savese.

  • joy the baker
    September 9, 2010

    i like what’s going on here… a lot.

  • Alfonso
    September 9, 2010

    odd, I was just sipping on some Pichierri Terrarossa Primitivo ’92….thinking about the roast duck we just brought back from the Chinese BBQ after a very long day…

  • Jeremy Parzen
    September 11, 2010

    @Whitney thanks so much for the shout out and thinking of me for this! (I’m just getting online here in Italy and finally seeing it).

    @Alfonso Tracie P and I tasted the current vintage the other day and it was fantastic!

    @joy the baker thanks for having a look inside my brain via BrunellosHaveMoreFun! 😉

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