Rosso: The New Black

You’ve already seen one of the fine establishments I call an office. Here is the other- Rosso Wine Shop.

Meet Lisa and Jeff.

Aren’t they the best? Yes, I agree.

Meet some wine bottles.

And a blackboard.

Every Friday (and Saturday) Jeff offers up a tasting flight. Sometimes there are yummy nibbles to go with the wines. But there are always some great regulars that stop by and imbibe. Sharing stories of their week. Their travels. Work. Family. It’s a nice thing. And another reason why wine is so lovely; it brings people together around a bar, around a table and gets them to talking and sharing.

This past Friday was a little special…On The Lamb was in the house for food pairings! I chose a beer (!) and 2 new Argentinian arrivals to pair with our loosely themed Cuban menu.

With the tropically fragrant Durigutti torrontes- a papaya salad with cotija cheese, papaya seed vinaigrette, pickled walnuts and herbs.

And the Durigutti bonarda got matched up with papaya marinated skirt steak topped with chimichurri on homemade flatbread. The Schneider Weisse unfiltered hefeweizen was paired with a plaintain “tostone” with citrus black bean and chorizo salsa. Safe to say it was a fun night for all taste buds involved.

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